About Me

The 2020-21 school year is my 18th year at Calvary Preschool! My husband and I have three children. All of them attended Calvary! We enjoy spending time together as a family and traveling.

I started teaching preschool because I love early childhood! Preschool children are excited to learn and their enthusiasm is contagious!

We focus on the whole child in preschool. Not only do we introduce 'academics,' we pray together every day, we look forward to our monthly Chapel themes and we teach children that we are part of a 'school family.' Our school family takes care of each other and works together--important life lessons!

My favorite part about being a teacher is seeing how much a child learns and grows in a year!

A Favorite Memory and Moment of Fun

I love all of our family events (and miss them during this COVID time!). Thanksgiving Feast and Celebration, Spaghetti Dinner and Mother's Teas have been highlights of my time at Calvary Preschool. It's fun to see the families interact and create memories.

We hear lots of funny stories every day at preschool--it's hard to choose just one to share!


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Wondering if Calvary Preschool is a good fit for your child? Feel free to contact us with questions or to request a tour. Please note that in-person tours may not be available depending on COVID restrictions .

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