About Me

I am a mom of three. I grew up in California and moved to Colorado 12 years ago. In my free time I enjoy running, hiking, camping and spending time with my husband and kids!

My Classroom Experiences

I started my teaching career at the elementary level, teaching 2nd-5th grade. I started teaching  because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. The preschool years are such an important part of a child's first school experience! This is my second year at Calvary Preschool and I just love it! I enjoy the focus on play-based learning and watching the kids grow and learn while having fun!

Watching kids grow and learn is without a doubt, my favorite part of being a teacher.

A Favorite Memory and a Moment of Fun

My favorite memory is of a day when we were out on the playground. The kids recorded a video of themselves singing "We Wish You Well" (from Conscious Discipline). It just warmed my heart to see and hear them sing those words.

I love the stories that preschoolers share and the funny things that they say. The kids always bring a smile to my face!


Give your child a headstart with our whole-child and play-based programs.

Wondering if Calvary Preschool is a good fit for your child? Feel free to contact us with questions or to request a tour. Please note that in-person tours may not be available depending on COVID restrictions .

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