About Me

I have five children who all went to Calvary Preschool. I have three dogs, two guinea pigs, two birds and one fish-- a menagerie! My family enjoys spending time traveling together.

Classroom Experiences

I started teaching preschool because my children came here and they loved it. I saw that they had fun, the teachers genuinely enjoyed being with the kids. I have been a Substitute Teacher, an Assistant Teacher and a Lead Teacher. I've had the chance to work with many different teachers at Calvary Preschool; they all have taught me so much and I enjoy seeing all the ideas and fun things they bring to the classroom.

Child's play and conversations bring many moments for incorporating faith into the classroom; prayer songs, "wishing well" when friends are absent. The kids really enjoy these moments and it's good to see them connect and understand they have an important role, as an individual, in the classroom.

My favorite thing about being a teacher is spending my days with the children in my class. I love listening to their stories and watching them try and learn new things.

A Favorite Memory and a Moment of Fun

Many of my favorite memories about Calvary Preschool, both as a parent and teacher, are the special family events. The Thanksgiving Celebration, Spaghetti Dinner and Mother's Teas are so much fun. I love seeing the families together and getting the chance to visit with them. (We were unable to hold these events in 2019-20 due to COVID).

There are so many funny moments that happen in the course of the day--I can't think of just one to share!


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