About Me

I grew up in Ohio and moved to Colorado in 1989.  I have four children ages 19-32 and I have two grandchildren. My husband and I just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary! We enjoy hanging out as a family, hiking and camping.

I started teaching at Calvary Preschool in 2007 when my youngest child started kindergarten. We are now empty nesters, so life has a new look. I have more time to read, walk and spend enjoying the peace and quiet. It makes me realize how quickly time passes!

Classroom Experiences

Prior to Calvary Preschool, I was involved with the Children's Ministry at my church for over 15 years. I started teaching preschool because my own children all attended Calvary Preschool and I loved it here! I spent time volunteering in the classroom and I discovered helping preschool children learn through play was something I wanted to do.

My career at Calvary Preschool started in 2007, when my youngest child started kindergarten. Teaching preschool children is more than a job to me; I feel it is my ministry. I want my students to feel the love of Jesus each and every day as we play and learn.  In my classroom, we love to learn through movement and hands-on exploration.

I love seeing the joy in the eyes of theses little ones--they are truly excited to learn. When they accomplish a task they have been working hard on, like zipping a coat or writing their name or making an art project to give mom and dad, it makes this a joy, not a job. I love getting to know the kids--connecting with them is a blessing. It has been very rewarding connecting with so many families over the last 15 years. Many wonderful friendships have come out of those connections!

A Favorite Memory and  Moment of Fun

One of the first years I was teaching, a child came up to me to ask a question and said, "Old McDonald, can I get a drink, please?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but the pure innocence with which it was said made my heart smile. I usually have at least one student every year who calls me that!

We actually have so many funny, silly moments that we need to write a book, "The Things Kids Say at Preschool." This year we've heard:
"Do I have to put on my life preserver to paint?" (referring to an art smock)
"When do we get to play in the virus sand?" (referring to the sandbox being closed due to COVID guidelines)


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