About Me

I have 3 children, all Calvary alumni, and 2 grandsons, the oldest attends now.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, walking with my friends, playing with family animals and being outside in the Summer. Sudoku is my go-to for quiet time.

Classroom Experiences

I started teaching preschool because I love interacting with this age group. They are so interested in learning. Just about everything is new to them!

I began working at Calvary in August 1997.There have been many trending ideas for preschool education during the years, but supporting the development and needs of the whole child remains foundational for their success moving forward. We use play as a vehicle for providing engaging opportunities for a variety of learning experiences. It may be “free play” or it may be a structured game with directions and rules; either way, the learning happens through the play. Learning about God, Jesus, the Bible and the stories/teachings/people in it is part of our class experience. We learn group prayers, discuss what praying means and the daily ways God is present in our life. Chapel and songs praising God are more fun and interactive ways we bring faith into our classroom.

My favorite part of being a teacher is the opportunity to be involved in the foundations of learning that follow a child into their next school experience.

A Favorite Memory and a Moment of Fun

Spaghetti Dinners and Mother’s Teas stand out in my mind as favorite memories over the years. The kids are always so excited as we prepare for these events in the classroom, making gifts, learning songs to sing, and making decorations.  The kids are so excited to include their guest and be with them doing these special/fun things.

There are so many funny things and funny stories...it's too hard to choose one!


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