About Me

I love my husband, my two daughters, our two dogs and three cats. We like to watch movies as a family and play board games. I enjoy hiking with friends and going out to eat!

Classroom Experiences

I started teaching preschool because I felt like God was calling me to do so. I love being with children! Faith is the foundation of our classroom and it comes out in very natural ways such as prayer and in moments of conversation.

Play-based learning comes very naturally in the two year old classroom. Exploration and play are how they approach the world. They are so curious and everything is so new!

My favorite part about teaching is just being around the kids, and seeing them grow and mature. They are so sweet. I also really enjoy teaching them that they have a voice and that they can use their voice to set boundaries for themselves; they feel empowered when they realize they can make choices and when they can advocate for themselves.

A Favorite Memory and a Moment of Fun

One memory that stands out is from a day when we were talking about showing love to others and one of the students wanted to stop and go around and hug everyone. So precious!

Two year olds like to help (well, sometimes). One day, a child was trying to be helpful by dragging the trash can around the room picking up trash. It was so cute and funny all at the same time.


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