About Me

I'm married to my wonderful husband, Phil, and we have two daughters. WE also have three cats and two dogs that are all named after sweet treats. Our oldest started kindergaten this year, and our youngest will attend Calvary.

Classroom Experiences

I work with preschoolers because I have always loved working with kids. I've done many different jobs in the realm of childcare, and this has been the best-suited to me and the most rewarding. I especially love teaching the little ones because they're so adorable, sweet, and we get to facilitate and see a lot of growth.

A Few of My Favorite Things

My favorite movie is the newer "Pride and Prejudice." I also love the Marvel movies and I love watching Disney movies with my kids.
Favorite foods/restaurants:  I love Italian food the most, but I like everything! My drink of choice has always been and will always be coffee!
Shopping:  I love Target and Walmart and the mall.
Favorite Bible verse and why I like it:  "And we know all that all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose."  Romans 8:28
This whole section of Scripture is amazing. It talks about all the things that God does for us.  Jesus prays for us, He glorifies us, he justifies us. It reminds me that no matter how hard things get here in this life, that Jesus is looking out for me and that I can trust in God to do what's best for me.


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