About Me

I enjoy cooking, skiing and hiking. I like to travel with my family and do arts and crafts.

I am married and have two daughters and a dog named Bruschi who is my walking buddy!

Classroom Experiences

I became interested in teaching preschool when my oldest daughter was a toddler. I loved teaching her and seeing the spark that happened when she learned new things!

You will most often find me sitting on the floor with the kids, building towers, reading stories and helping kids practice social-emotional skills such as sharing, talking with one another, taking turns and finding their voice.
I like to use Bible stories and our Chapel songs and lessons to help children learn about God and how much He loves them.

I love doing messy art projects with kids; it is so fun to see their ideas and creations take shape. They get immersed in the experience and it is such a joy to watch!

What I love most about teaching is making connections with my students. Watching them grow and learn with such creativity and imagination. I love being a part of helping guide their exploration and witnessing their sense of adventure!

A Favorite Memory and Moment of Fun

We brought in tree 'stumps' (circle of wood that had been cut and sanded) and watched the kids build with them. They incorporated animals and brought in other toys to the play center with the stumps--they enjoyed incorporating the element of nature with toys they were used to playing with in other ways and it brought a new level of vocabulary and learning to the center.

A student asked, "Why do we give presents to our friends (goody bags from a birthday) when it's not their birthday--it's our birthday?!?"


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