About Me

I am funny (at least I think so!), and I'm an incredibly happy person. I try to bring out the best in everything and everyone around me. One of my hobbies is playing hidden picture games on the computer.

Classroom Experiences

I've been involved in Early Childhood for over 40 years. My interest in teaching preschoolers began in high school when I took a Child Development class. As part of that class, I toured a preschool and saw how much fun the children and teacher were having and I decided that I wanted to be a Preschool Teacher.

I include Bible stories in my social-emotional curriculum to help show children how God wants us to treat one another. I love using play based curriculum because children learn through play and they love the variety of activities!

My favorite part about being a preschool teacher is providing fun, engaging activities for children and making preschool the best experience a child can have. I love showing them that learning can be fun!

A Favorite Memory and a Moment of Fun

I had a child one year that ask me EVERY DAY, "What are we going to learn about today?" I love the enthusiasm children have and how they are so eager to learn!

I had pictures of the children on the classroom door and a little girl said, "Ms. Adams, come look at this picture! There is a girl that has on my vest!" I chuckled and told her, "That's you in the picture!"


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