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We believe children learn best through play and social interactions during their early childhood years. Through a wide variety of hands-on activities, such as music and movement, process art, dress up and dramatic play, gross motor play, stories, and more, children are exposed to a wide variety of concepts and skills.

We know that success in kindergarten and beyond starts with strong social-emotional skills. We provide amble opportunities for social interactions and work with students to thrive in a social environment. We also implement Conscious Discipline throughout our school. Conscious Discipline is trauma-informed, evidence-based and is backed by decades of brain research. To find out more about Conscious Discipline, visit

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2 - 2 1/2 year olds

The world is a big, wonderful, and exciting place! Toddlers are in constant motion exploring and expanding their understanding of the world.

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3 year olds

At three, your preschool child’s social and emotional well-being is an important piece of their overall growth and development.

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4 year olds

Preparation for kindergarten becomes a stronger focus in the 4 year old classroom. But that doesn’t mean the fun stops!

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4 1/2 - 5 year olds

Most of these children have been to preschool and are familiar with a classroom environment. This allows them to dive deeper in their learning!

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play-based programs.

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Why Parents Love Calvary Preschool

"We love this school! 3 out of 4 boys have attended. They help prepare my boys for kindergarten and beyond. One of my boys is very shy and he was able to open up during his time at Calvary. I love the passion that the teachers have to get to know each family."

"I struggled when searching for a preschool as many of the ones I visited felt institutional and rote. Then I walked into Calvary Preschool and felt such warmth and love! My daughter just finished her 3rd year at Calvary and she has enjoyed every day at her school."

"We've had a 2 kids at Calvary for 3 years now and we LOVE it!  The teachers and staff are so patient and good with the kids. And my oldest was very prepared to enter Kindergarten with all she had learned. They are spiritually and academically strong. We would highly recommend Calvary Preschool!"