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At three, your preschool child’s social and emotional well-being is an important piece of their overall growth and development.   What will your child experience in preschool this year?

  • Small classes with two teachers ensure your child has lots of individualized attention
  • Learning how to share, take turns, when to listen and when to offer ideas are critical skills for future classroom success; our amazing preschool teachers guide children through this process with lots of patience and nurturing
  • We capitalize on your preschool child’s natural desire to learn through a hands-on, play-based curriculum.
  • Children are introduced to basic academic concepts; i.e. letter and number recognition, colors, shapes, counting, etc. through play, story time, music, art and gross motor activities
  • Weekly P.E. classes help build strong bodies and  support gross motor development
  • Monthly Chapel adventures complete with music, crafts, interactive games and sensory experiences make learning about God’s great love fun and exciting!

The preschool program at Calvary Preschool in Colorado Springs is the best place for your three year old to grow and gain confidence and independence!

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Give your child a headstart with our whole-child and play-based programs.

Wondering if Calvary Preschool is a good fit for your child? Feel free to contact us with questions or to request a tour. Please note that in-person tours may not be available depending on COVID restrictions .

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