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Most children in this class have been to preschool and are familiar with a classroom environment. Social and emotional development is still a crucial focus with the goal of helping students gain confidence, increase independence and become comfortable interacting with peers.

Still play-based in nature, the Stepping Stones curriculum centers around hands-on activities and projects designed to help students think creatively, ask questions and communicate with peers as they work cooperatively.  The goal of Stepping Stones is not to duplicate the kindergarten curriculum, but rather to equip students with the skills they will need to be successful in kindergarten.  Those skills include the ability to focus, interact appropriately with peers, regulate and express their emotions, think critically and to grow in their understanding of who they are and what gifts and strengths they’ve been created with and how those unique qualities can be shared with others.

If your child would benefit from another year of play and growth before kindergarten, Stepping Stones is a great choice!

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